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Bale Feed V 2.0

Description: With the BaleFeed-Mod Itself bales can therefore einf├╝ttern sprinkle or without mixer feeders. As almost always, put them into the mods folder and you’re done. This works (currently) as did the normal FeedingTroughTipTrigger...

gps (1) 10


Description: Version 4.1 FPS dips (hopefully) now fixed, Auto width detection gefixed, french translation added Credits: Idea / Script: upsidedown div. Improvements: gotchTom Artwort: Eribus DOWNLOAD ShareMods

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Inspector V 2.3

Description: The Inspector shows you: – your vehicle (bold) with all of the attached implements and up to two trailers (with cargo), – all vehicles controlled by helpers (marked with an *) or other...