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Lights Addon V 1.0

Description: The script extends the fs standard light functions, so the light and the beacon stays on after leaving the vehicle, also the turnlights are resetted after turning. Additional there is the possibility to...

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Extended Cruise Control V 1.1

Description: – ‘Drivable’ anstatt ‘Steerable’ – Nur aktiv falls man in einem Fahrzeug sitzt – kleine Script-verbesserungen – keine Log-Warnings mehr (l10n Eintr├Ąge vorhanden) – Das “Fahrstufe: ” ist nun auch als l10n vorhanden,...

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Description: RIGHT CTRL + F = On./off. follow mode for the lead. RIGHT CTRL + W/S = Decrease/increase the distance zaveduschego. RIGHT CTRL + A/D = Offset left/right from the leading. RIGHT SHIFT +...