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Belarus (MTZ) 3022

Description: Belarus tractors Belarus (MTZ), 3022 – wheeled universal tractors. Engine power to 303 HP. The model is widely used in the combined and wide-cut units in the traction drive and traction mode. Has...

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К 744-РЗ

Description: Agricultural wheel tractor Kirovets General purpose traction class 8 is designed to perform basic agricultural works: plowing, cultivations, harrowing, sowing, transport works. the spark wheel is placed on the “M”key Credits: LSSA Modding...

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Lamborghini 1R v 1.1

Description: Version 1.1 – new motor – new lights – geatbox – passenger mod Salve, ho DECISO di corsa un lamborghini perche Ho visto Che MOLTI Puntano sul biglietto i bestioni di ora, senza...