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Hello Dear Bäuerrinnen and farmers

Today you are presenting the workshop manager Modding workshop the new Kroger Agroliner ITS26 !!


The vehicle is delivered to you free of charge if ordered in your favorite color for farm equipment dealer of your confidence.

The ITS26 as well as the matching container constructions are available in all colors gänigen.

The control of the ITS26 takes place from the vehicle with the keys M and N
Important: For mounting the container to ITS26 the G button to select, !!

Modell: Agroliner/Mulde: Eifok Team (LS11)
Umbau/Textur: Werkstattleiter
Plattform: Saschii
Scripte: Eifok/Giants/Werkstattleiter

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  1. Karter says:

    Well…a little odd that giants is stealing your thunder…

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