Hello everybody
Here is the ‘Big Packs ”
356.4mo dl! yes I know it parrait huge but do not worry it’s his. 12 X 25MB tractor over everything else it’s heavy looks like another;).
It is 12 Tractor proposed, and all the equipment that goes with it.
A huge improvement work, optimization, was to bring on all models without exeption since version 2.0.
Anyway you would have understood it is a 3.0 release this time though.
In this version 3.0, I review;
1 / – All drawbar couplings arrears which “was incorrectly positioned.”
2 / – Review all the textures.
3 / – Review the position of the lights.
4 / – Review the position flashing.
5 / – Review the width, the length of all the covers.
6 / – Review all speculars.
7 / – Review all the blinds.
8 / – Review all the brands.
9 / – Review all the camera positions.
10 / -Review all collisions.
11 / – Review alot of other small non-negligible detail for the smooth running mods.
Not counting the time spent to redo three new tractor model.
hoping that it makes you happy good fun.


DOWNLOAD BigPacks-Dezzipe.rar – 356.4 MB

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