Mod has:
-Realną Scale
-Realną Speed
-Realną Power
-Realne Sounds
-Animacje Almost everything
-Add And subtraction of gas per key
-Rura Opened after the exit of the car
-All Flap opening with key approach
-Zdejmowanie And setting up tents for the forager on the button when approaching
-the Distribution and filing forage on the button when approaching
-INSERT The combine on key (better seen gorge)
-Młocarnia Activated on the button
-Turn And untwisting concave on key
-Włączanie Header on key
-Manualne Raising and lowering hedra
-Motowidła Raised and lowered at the press
-Motowidła Moved in and out on key
-speed Adjustable on key motowideł
-Change Distributors canopy on rape and vice versa on the button when approaching
-Ruchome All pulleys, walkers, etc.
-Dźwięk Dumping grain from the tank
-Dźwięk Inserting run
-Zostawia Tracks
-Kurz Under the wheels
-Animacje On hederach

+ Mod includes combine harvester corn + corn header + trolley on credit

Model: Marcello1942, Asd4, Fumski
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: Rockstar94
Edit: DEATHdriver


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