Fertilizer, seeds, lime must be purchased at garden centers and can be stored in the space provided silos on the farm.
The level of each silo is displayed digitally on the silo. A purpose-prepared car park is located at the Map.
Feed storage with conveyors (MP capable)
Wassermod (MPfähig)
Fillable Hoftankstelle (MP capable) Statisticview was thanks Marhu also fixed
Slurry storage with digital display
Wool range Collector
Butcher’s shop
Manure storage on Getreidehof ebenfals with digital display
Trigger for Marhu`s milk chain is also installed.
It was the Seedmaster 2K15 obstructed the normal seeds (seeds) makes this so no additional equipment is needed
The complete pig feed chain (potato washing, potato damper, filling station, and the feed producers were for having integrated including stock option
the fruit varieties produced there.
A functioning sawmill has geöfnet at the site of the old sawmill übleichen its doors also settled at the station of Toon Baumarkt on.
The pig was brought up to date (5.0) and made sure that around the sheep pasture a cattle dealer opened its doors
Potato Karl, in which in which you will also mttels an entirely new sales scheme (Giants makes it before though but I could with a little thought better :-p) can get rid of his potato pallets, and beets Rudi his beets into a lucrative price los round off the whole in addition to the new mill.
2 straw warehouses have been added as part of the modernization wave and plenty of kleimkram I now can not list everything.
it is only so much that you can not simply tell the wool pallets trigger runs and the palettes disappear into Nirvana should get one already to actuate a little.
Finally the Mixfeeder on the map is drawn around the whole to make conclusive.
also have the filling station and the sawmill get a palette collectors

The Fertimaster 1K15 to see the building opposite the composting plant is produced from the compost (Compost_soil) fertilizer (fertilizer) ago which picked up there for free, and can be incorporated into the Hofsilo.
Tip: grade at the beginning when you have little money one probably an alternative for seed and fertilizer purchase
A storage facility for Compost_soil is also available at the Kompostierstation which has settled in the rear separated part of the dairy plant.
Dynamic fruit Planning and particle systems for fruit and Filltypen employed on the map were also installed.
Mixing station and Fermentingsilos are now firmly on the map as well as installed the pig.

The dealer has set its online and now operates nurnoch a direct sales of all brands,
in short, you have to moment during the opening times over the Schop going to be able to buy cars.
In garden centers it is with the seedlings otherwise there is the purchase trigger in the building
the doors can be opened moment during the opening times (6-22 clock) with “O” (Oooooooohhhhh).

Gas stations … yes that is a bit tricky, since there is a fillable Hoftanke on Kuhhof and the main courtyard
were demolished all the gas stations down to the gas station in the village as part of the global development in Bjorn Holm,
to enkommen to the local infrastructure delivery.

“Free” for cash so you can refuel only in the village or if you filled the gas stations at the court there precisely.

Also contemplates a hot air balloon over the map to circle.

Sämmtliche door and Tortrigger were needed to Manual Barrier Blacky it is rebuilt so therefor no further Script
The cowshed closes by 21 clock and reopen by 6 clock so that your cows because again have run and in the night’s sleep …… Viewer Discretion Advised * grins.
as we bring only happy animals to slaughter ….

Barriers and gates must continue the former owners of the farms to be opened manually because the remote controls sunk in the river has
who finds please let me know where she is.

The dealer and the garden centers adhere to the prescribed opening times from 6-21 clock and thus close their doors from 21-6 clock (Bausetzlinge to buy the building at garden centers moment during the opening times.)

Gold coins can be collected.
Seeds, fertilizers, lime can at garden centers also with seeders / Manure spreaders / sprayers to buy the necessary triggers have been identified with an open, non-collapsible icons.
Composterde can be sold at garden centers and the BGA on piles.

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