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A house building mod for map makers to be used with Giants Editor.

The mod lets you make your own houses using over 30 pre made 3D blocks that have been shaped and textured to fit seamlessly next to each other.
The roof shapes have plastic guttering that reflects the sunlight these can be removed to help performance where needed.
The glass windows also reflect the sunlight & have window sills that can also be removed if needed.
When making the houses in Giants Editor all of the parts can easily be moved around most are placed 2.5m apart.

When the house is finished it should look like one whole object in game with all of the part fitting seamlessly together.

I made this mod as I needed lots of random looking houses for a long term map project named Dorset you can find it on

Included in this pack for each house type there are
77 pre made texture packs for the roofs and walls from slate to tiles for roofs and brick to stone for walls.
19 different door textures
13 different windows textures
All of the textures packs can be mixed with each other so you can use many packs for one house.

This is pack 1
It lets you build two types of house
Cottage 6.25m tall
Small house 7.5m tall two floors or 10m with three floors

You are free to edit this mod in anyway that you wish but please list the above credits.
You can change the textures or add your own to the mod & release your own work again please keep the above credits.
You can release a pack of premade houses that have been made using this mod again please keep the above credits.

There will be more packs released in the future if this one works problem free with map makers.
I offer no guarantee that this pack will work without affecting overall map performance.

Will wait for feed back before releasing more building block packs.

Giants Raw textures are freeware images from the web 3D models – Dorset Seamless textures – Dorset


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