After checking the values ​​of a field game, you insert Those in the table. Added to this are information of the weather, the type of fruit, etc. When Specifying the rainy days is to be noted, Should it rain, the value for each hour did it rains, will increase the moisture by one stage. Ingame will only appear if it rains at all. How often and how long so ist leider clear at this time. So it is Mainly the moisture did Should be Observed. (Tip: If there is too much moisture, you can, for Example, replace the planned fertilizing with liquid fertilizer through the use of dry fertilizer.)

The middle part of the table is devoted to calculation of fertilizer application, etc. Here you can specify what and how many ever Whether Applied. Here will lead, as oft so many paths to success. So you can for Example, decide before sowing a green manure, liquid manure, manure and compost manure, or let the chemicals do Their job.

In each section can be seen, what it benefits. THUS, it is easier to reach the goal of the ideal values ​​on the date of harvest.

These are then (the better the Greener) thus shown at the bottom of the table. So the expected yield is Displayed. THUS A Certain cost-benefit factor can be seen even before sowing.

The negative influences by weeds are not included in this table. Because weed is not uniform and will not Occur Everywhere in the same way, so only sporadically THEREFORE Affects the values ​​Determined in the field, no value can be Determined in advance for this. It will only issue a recommendation in section herbicide. It shows how much is needed to be protected from weeds Largely. HOWEVER, this is done as a function of the entries made in the beginning.


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