CASE IH 9190 V 1.0



In the late 1980s when Case International purchased Steiger tractors and began using such tractors for their own 4×4 line-up, the Tiger IV disappeared and became the Case 9190, featuring a new red paint scheme and differing decals.

Although very few 9190s were manufactured due to high cost and large down-payment needed by the farmer, a few have been found working throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia – although they are still very rare.

The 9190 still used the KTA1150 Cummins engine at 525 horsepower, as well as the same Allison transmission and splitter; the paint color and name were really the only thing to change.

Now this model is available for those of you who enjoy red just a bit more than green, enjoy!

HD Designs, balogh2003, Greasersnoopy


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