This is the Colorado Map small and medium Fields.

Final Version
Rebuild more roads
Added Animations Splines
Horses Dogs Cats Workers Birds Snakes
Refinery Added produce Fuel
More Objects Added
Rebuild the Grain point Sell
Added Chickens Store now buy
Pda Updated and many more
Hope you enjoy

There is a forestry plantation and animals
Small Bga Wood and WoodChips sellpoints
Textures Added
In the map you have all the features from the game LS17

Model: Giants: Hoot Texture: Script: Marhu Idea / Concept: Original Hoot: Edited KillerMods Testing: Other: Credits: American Eagles Modding Hoot: Map design and terrain textures Dorset: Gates, fences, foliage CBJ Midwest Modding: Quonset Hut, Barn, Shop General_LS-Andy: Road set — Auwgl:refinery and all the modders for the objects and ideas in the Map Testers: Ag Hauler, CCS101, Akuenzi


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