In the Verson 1.0 include:
Hof to dealer
Traders to court
Field 48 in storage silos (grain silos)
Field 49 in storage silos
Field 13 in silos (Hof)
Field 12 in storage silos
Field 12 seeding
Field 10 in silos
Field 28 in storage silos
Field 10 seeding
Field 28 seeding
Field 4 seeding
Grain to Landi
Field 48 seeding
Field 13 seeding
Field 4 Mowing
Field 4 in wet silo (feed box)
Field 28 Mowing
Field 28 in wet silo (feed box)
Field 49 seeding
Field 13 Threshing
Field 13 in grain silos
Field exit 13 Straw
Field 12 Threshing
Field exit 12 Straw
Field 10 Threshing
Field 10 in grain silos
Hof to sand mill
Sand for construction
Grain mill in 2 (fully automatic)
Cereals for (fully automatic) Station
Field 48 Threshing
Field 49 Threshing
Feldrand Course Field 1
Hof to broiler chicken
Broiler to traders to court
Broiler chicken to egg-laying station
Hof to egg-laying station
Egg-laying station to Hof
Broiler in the slaughterhouse (semi-automatic)
Field 27 seeding
Field 26 seeding
Field 77 seeding
Field 12 fertilize with manure
Manure from barn to 12
Field 82 seeding
Hof to BGA (large)
Field 1 in wet silo (feed box)
Field 1 hops threshing
Field 1 with manure fertilization
Manure from barn to 1
Field 1 seeding
Field 28 to Hof
Field 77 Threshing
Field 26 Threshing
Field 48 with manure fertilization
Manure from stall 48
Field 27 Threshing
Exit Field 77 and the surrounding area with trucks (suitable for Überladewagen)
Field 82 Threshing
Hof to field 77
77 in Überladewagen (possibly + surrounding fields)
Field exit 26 Straw
49 fertilize with manure field
Manure from barn to 49
Field exit 27 Straw
Hof to field 82
BGA to Hof
Field 82 to Field 27
Hops to the port (fully automatic)
Cereals in Eimo (fully automatic)
Hop to brewery
Feldrand 4 (border)
Field 4 tedding (Large-conditioner)
Field 4 swaths (Grosflächen- Rake)
Beet pulp in industry (fully automatic)
Feldrand Course 28
Field 28 Zetten
Field 28 swaths
Hof to field 47
Field 47 seeding


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