Friends and mates, again after a long time I bring you a new map which bears the name of the Czech valley or the Czech Valley. The first time I’ve inspired the formation of the mnohama sections of my native landscapes, which I apply to the map, not only of the Czech countryside, there is also a tinge of a different atmosphere and it makes another game and briefly introduce the map. Sunrise, landscape, brobouzí to a new day and you begin the next day full of work and toil, Yes exactly as follows starting the opening words in a map. First of all I wanted to do úské the road, aisle, but also a field for which you turn the wheel, here is very difficult terrain for the machine, the machine will play not only here, but also with pré thanking pals received very large BOOM that map very airy and especially aircraft and cars, more speed.
The size of the map was originally smaller than previous map Czech map by Coufy V2, but with an abundance of ideas, I took the plunge and made the larger landscape. In the map is a large biogas station, but also here you have the sale of the machines directly from the company, which specializes in DA?HEL brand JOHN DEERE and that’s not all! You have over 30 fields of various sizes from large to small fields check box. In the map there are two villages and three buy-outs. And now it is separated from the main farm animal production. Map will be of a larger size than the previous, but the size is not so ohrnömující, I focused on the terrain and texture, which reach a very satisfactory resolution and it is just a little bit bad for weaker computer that I used to sigh over a map of Czech maps. Czech valley does in two versions with a modem Gulle second version will contain the Soil mod, which specializes in the field, over the pH of its výnostností etc.


DOWNLOAD Czech_valley_v2.rar – 430.0 MB

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