The graph of Agricultural Simulator 15 are much better than the previous version, but not enough for new high-end graphics cards. That’s why we need this mod for better graphics in game.
Place run 15 installation folder then Draw Distance Updater in the FS. The program is displayed, then you can adjust your game visual appearance slightly. You can increase or decrease a lot of graphics options. Find the best settings for your PC, put his ability to the limit!

By default, all values ​​will be set to 150%, and when you change them and to accept the changes, the current values ​​are stored in an INI file. The values ​​are above what I use.
You can play with any of these settings, the diagram to obtain, so the way you like to look to increase it to your PC is capable of the border to push to find the perfect balance between appearance and performance.
What will the program from the point it scan is carried out, which should be your Farming Simulator 2015 (or 2013) folder. It will scan all files with extension .i3d and adjust the following settings to multiply the values ​​on the percentage set based available:
Change Details Draw Distance to: This setting searches and displays the values ​​for: view distance = “####” – Increase the ring of maximum detail about your location, viewing fields of wheat in 3d, as far the eye can see if you want.
Changing shadows drawing Distance to: This setting searches and displays the values ​​for: shadowFarDistance = “####” and shadow extrusion distance = “####” – Increase the distance when shadows start under Objects to appear.
New in V1.1.0.0 Change Shadow Quality: This setting seeks and sets the value of: = “#” depthMapResolution = “####” and numShadowMapSplits – this setting setting produced the quality of shadows from all objects and greatly improve trees.
Change object clipping Distance to: This setting searches and displays the values ​​for: clip distance = “####” – Increases the space when objects in view Pop. these far enough increase brings trees for beautiful landscapes on the hill side facing up.
Change the object LOD Distance to you: This setting searches and displays the values ​​for: lodDistance = “###” – This is a more subtle changes on objects to increase by the distance when changing from a higher resolution objects lower resolution objects ,
When you click the Refresh button, he is currently scans the 387 files with .i3d end, and updates 295 of them containing one of the above values ​​are updated. First, it calls the original files, .original add the name, then writes the new files. If the program is executed several times, he always reads from the .original files, so that the values ​​entered are always increased the percentage of the original files.
If you want to return the files back to the original state, only the Restore button and will remove all the updated files, and the files are renamed .original back to its original name.
Support gibs here

– Added Change Shadow Quality option.
– Added menus, Help, Settings, What’s New, and About box.
– Added proper handling of write / update permissions errorwhen renaming files.
– Added automatic updating of crc_files.xml file to remove CRC64 error at game startup.
– Added check for file FarmingSimulator2015.exe (or 2013), to prevent accidental execution of the program from at invalid location.

Model: MBlazerGuy texture: MBlazerGuy Script: MBlazerGuy Idea / Concept: MBlazerGuy Tester: MBlazerGuy Other: MBlazerGuy

DOWNLOAD FarmingSimulator2015_DrawDistanceUpdater_v1.1.zip – 35 KB

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