Euro Agrar Multifruit Map V

euro-agrar-map--3 (1)

euro-agrar-map--3 (2)


o MixFeeder installed by BlueBaby210 / Mod portal o MilkMax installed by Farmer_Andy at the Dairy (the sales trigger for milk persists) o farm equipment dealer was rebuilt see map: Shopping # landmaschinenhandel_trecker_co o map is prepared for any so that the placeable mods from the “potato cycle” of Farmer_Andy ( can be used pigForage is assumed in the pig o in the office at the Forsthof have 2 monitors to spycams installed Cams to palette collectors on sawmill and Sheepfold (requests for more cams can be routed through the bug tracker like. installed with scales Statistics



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3 Responses

  1. wilson says:

    HEY! cade the animals?

  2. hataxa says:

    Нельзя купить технику… пишет что “нет места”…

  3. Jairo says:

    Hello! Shop for vehicles does not work

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