Version 2.0
Hello this is the Farming Simulator Collector—LS09–LS11– LS13 VERSION 2 The map has the below features and installed mods NEW MultiFruits= Tomato Carrot Hops Canberry Sunflower Millet Sugar Mod TOON Market TRAFFIC More Trees Farm Visual Change Added Forest Wood and WoodChips Sell Point Added Signs Two Fields Fixed Chopped Straw BGA Pig Beef Chicken2 Butcher has been integrated in the Village Hagenstedt You need to start a new career. IMPORTANT you need to put the EggLayingStation_placeable and Saegewerk from (Marhu)in your Mods folder I play the map and I have no fund problems, but if you have bugs etc, please post a comment. Have Fun Joa Giants CEKR11 Marhu upsideDown and the others to the objects and Scripts


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4 Responses

  1. zemelo says:

    eu costie das fazenda simulator farming simultor

  2. zemelo says:

    eu gostei da fazenda simulato 2015 farming

  3. wilson says:

    I really liked! Happy birthday; If you can put Mods water for cows, sheep and chickens. thank you

  4. Isaias says:

    Good map! But do not know why all vehicles are disabled with mirrors (black), already tried changing the options menu more unsuccessfully, anyone know why?

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