Today I have for you the Same Diamond 270 Diamond and 230th
– More 3D adjustments to the model
– Windows and doors to open by IC
– Front axle suspension
– “Rigid” rear axle (springs in the tire)
-Schlauchscript For hydraulic and lighting
– New arms of the front linkage
revised drivability –
– Foldable Fronkraftheber by script
– LED taillights work and
– Seat suspension
– Animated cockpit shuttle, turn signal lever, driving joystick joyswitch responded to the rear hydraulics,
Brake and accelerator pedals, fuel gauge and water temperature
– Green display on the monitor to the right of the A-pillar in black speedometer
– Indicator lights up to 2 supporters (. Tractor / trailer 1/2 trailer) -> new lights of Unguided
– More realistic gloss texture
– Chrome exhaust finisher
– PTO shafts rotate at engine start
-Michelin Tires (Diamond 270), Trelleborg twin tires per IC rear (Diamond 230)
-new Decals
-Gearbox Addon ready (Recommended)
– And other little things ……
Thanks to Thomas0815 for the release of his Lamborghinis as base and Puma for assistance in the area Maya.
Have fun gamble wishes you Bobbes and the FBM team.
The DL please unpack 1x!
A spread and / or re-upload in other forums or hosters is NOT desirable.
Do NOT upload this mod on other Boards and Hosters !!
Dystrybucję i / lub ponownego wysyłania na innych Forach never pożądane jest.
To share the Mod with your friends, please use the link here issued DL

Giants Software GmbH Edit: Thomas0815 / Bobbes (FBM team) tires: Bauer Hinnark (Thanks for sharing) Scripts: Manuel Leithner, JoXXer, Model Eicher, Rival Bomb, fruktor, Manuel F., BM Modding Publisher: Forbidden mods

DOWNLOAD Same_Diamond_entpacken.zip – 49.4 MB

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