Key Updates

– All machines have better textures with new cubemaps for nice reflective metal (pretty pretty)
– All machines have new SFX, recorded directly from cabs of real machines
– All machines have increased speed (only slightly faster)
– All machines have rescaled tracks to suit machines better
– All machines have brighter better lights
– Processor is now a fixed head again (too many issues with the dangle version)
– Processor claw has been replaced by a much more responsive grabber
– Processor has new body and new cab
– Grapple Loader has been resized to a more realistic size
– Grapple loader has new claw, (better loading)
– Feller Buncher has new larger cutting head
– Feller Buncher is now able to cut more than one tree (see video)
– Feller Buncer has better cutting all around
– New machine (Dangle Loader)
– New machine (Swing Cab Forwarder)

Please note that there are some mono sound errors in the console, I have done this on purpose to get a desired sfx for stereo sound that would
not be possible if converted outside of the game.

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil, DarkBlaze, FT Modding

DOWNLOAD FDR_Logging_-_Machine_Update.zip – 191.7 MB

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