The tractor has
-Panel IC
-Tablice Warning (Panel IC)
-Opens the door window roof (Panel IC)
-Lusterka (Panel IC)
-Pokrowiec The chair (Panel IC)
-New Tire companies (Michelin)
-Zdejmowane Front fenders on approach (key R)
-Zakładanie Weights on the rear wheels on the approach (key R)
-moda Hand (FS 15)
-moda Plowing (you must have realTerrai)
-Podświetlenie In the cabin (Panel IC)
-Obracanie Seat (Panel IC)
-moda Passenger
-Animacja Joystick
-Amortyzowana Cabin
-Animowane Parts
-Światła Working turn signals
-New Sounds in the sound hitching machines
-the Distribution of tuza from the cab (Panel IC)
-the Distribution of a rooster from the cab (Panel IC)
-Podnoszenie The driver’s armrest (Panel IC)
-the Distribution of passenger seat (Panel IC)
-Telephone (Panel IC)

Version V1
Fixed some errors that occurred in MP
-New Console + steering wheel
-Adding Controls the direction indicator lamps, etc.
-Fixed Dirt skin
-Fixed Power
-Fixed Moves the tractor on slopes

Version v2.1
-Improved Seat now we see what’s happening behind the tractor
-Siedzenie Is not restarted from the floor of the tractor
-Adding New wheels
-Zakładanie Plates Ctrl + Y
-New Front fender
-New Interior cabin more enjoyable
-New Chimney
-Rozbudowany Even more Panel IC (visor, etc.)
-Adding One of the Rooster (now we have two)
-Wyciszenie Cabins
-Adding Of wheels to approach the R key
-New Exhaust PS
-Lots New body parts


DOWNLOAD Fendt936.zip – 42.5 MB

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