First Day Reviews – Premium Forestry Pack



So this is the exciting new forestry pack, The machines have all been remodeled with real life forestry equipment models. The models are not stolen or borrowed I purchased them myself and I learned how to make them work in FS. I wasn’t orginally going to share these mods due to the cost I paid for them but I figured they would more than likely get out eventually so I wanted to be first to post them. DO NOT REUPLOAD!

First Day Reviews


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3 Responses

  1. Logger95 says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the processor? I can’t seem to get it to cut.

  2. Butter654 says:

    it looks really cool done very well but I do have one problem the heads on all three I cant get to pivot up and down ive had this issue with all the first day review mods

  3. SrAzazello says:

    In your IT “premium” technique ??? It does not work as well as your previous releases! If you can not qualitatively to do something, why spread it here ??? Capture wood permanently disconnected from the boom. Textures caterpillars terrible! Furthermore, there is still no driver in the cab.

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