The entire wood processing kevink98 installed.
The complete food processing kevink98 installed.
(The baker was changed slightly, it does not require the cherries!)
brought composting up to date.
brought SeedMaster up to date.
brought BeetMaster up to date.
Pig feed production revised, it is now partially tipping trailer with possible
also were installed hose connections.
Hard Point: It was a place next to the dealer prepared for the workshop, so it is only

Giants RC Devil: fertilizer factory / warehouse, compost texture, 64erFix Marhu: Watermod, milk trigger. Mapsiloband, Pruning, Woolpalettcollector Viehmarkt sawmill Marhu u Mannie313. Feedlots GMK Mod Marhu Funky: Beet cutter Marhu, white: Seed2Fix Andy1978 and Marhu: Seedmaster Farmer_Andy: composting plant, manure storage, beet Schnitzler, broiler pig feed production, Balemaster egg-laying station upsidedown: Multifruid Mod 1LS12 : shelter Mariodiek: conveyor woodchips, warehouse webalizer_ls: ChoppedStraw Lars: Regal Eribus: Forgotten Plants Landscape Texture V1.0, fruit textures Leos50: conveyor Blacky_BPG, Nils23, white, lappyBauer, dtmaster: Digital display bgo1973: clover alfalfa Eisbearg: Gitterbox eggs Inerti: DustMod Gene Borg: Textures: slurry manure lime – sunflower, clover + alfalfa, rye, soil texture, SoilMod textures Joerg_B: Great Hall Typhoon: BGA for small businesses San_Andreas: Baumarkt SoilMod: Decker_MMIV gas station trigger Extended: Blacky_BPG LS13 / convertiert for LS15 tobiasgo Bluebaby210: mix feeder Timber131 : cowshed zatoxx: slurry manure buying seba j, bombastic, BIFACE: grass texture Rival Bomb: manual row spacing beet Sborg: supermarket kevink98: wood and food processing If I forgot someone, necessarily an info to me !!

DOWNLOAD Volkshill_V2_0_Bitte_entpacken.rar – 685.8 MB

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