Welcome to the Forest Of DeanV5.3,
This is my first map creation for 2015; I have based the map on a fictional location in Wales in the UK. This map has a varying terrain with no field flat and boring, there is some varied roads some with dangerous corners and road camber; the hills in this map can cause the tractor to lose power like in real life. Forest Of Dean offers people a proper British feel with plenty of features stated below to keep you working and progressing through the map. If you like tight windy lanes and having to think about what you plant in the ground and playing farming simulator with 100% realism this map will suit you down to the ground. Soil mod and the fattening mod is all incorporated in the map to keep your farm busy at all times.

Features in the map:
43 buyable fields some square and some L shaped
Manure plane rises in the cow shed and can be scooped out with manure bucket.
3 different farms with different purposes, Walnut Farm is your Arable farm, Willow Creek Farm is for Livestock, Chickens, Sheep, Dairy cattle, Calfs, Fairwater farm is for Pigs.
Growth times are controlled by Soil Mod
Soil Mod is Fully incorporated in the farm please See downloads needed to get the mods needed.
Tight hedged lanes
Large forest for wood cutting
Many different sell points
BGA and Biomass plant
Gas station for fuel please use a fuel bowser to transport to farm as there is no fuel on the farms

Forest of Dean map credits Any credits missed please PM me Anything not credited may be made by myself Road signs by willjsavage World bounds Sandgroper Cattle grid leicestershireFarmer Milpol Grain Mill Giants —————– Smoke on the switcher, trigger and grainDump with textures for same Hermit23 ————– Model (Blender 2.62) and some revised textures.


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  1. Harry says:

    You cannot find the map when you go to start a new career into this map. it does not come up on the drop down menu when choosing which map you would like to start a new game on. how can I solve this problem ??

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