Features: – Everywhere tilt, the Heaptiptrigger can be created by harvesters, trailers, hackers and blades. – For trailers with unloading and continue automatically Heaptiptrigger new is created. – Filltypes: wheat barley rape maize chaff dryGrass_windrow grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow manure silage fertilizer seeds Potato Sugarbeet woodchips – Capacity: 48000L – taking with shovel, etc. – When removing the vehicle is braked (resistance) – level indicator is displayed when player is in Trigger Mod Description: If you press [Left CTRL] then, the text appears in the help window. The Heaptiptrigger is created with [Left CTRL] + [R]. For trailers with multiple Ablademöglichkeiten can with [Left Ctrl] + [T] to change the position at which the HeapTipTrigger to be created. When harvesting equipment is automatically unloaded. For trailers the Abkipp icon appears and it can be quite normal unloaded with [Q]. Credits: Script: Heady Publisher: PLANET-LS version: Version 15.0.0 Description: AA.BC A: LS version B: innovations, major changes C: Troubleshooting, small changes

I’ve worked for a few weeks in my spare time to convert the HeapTipTrigger after LS15 Compliant.
Therefore, I would like is to decide on what hosting the mod uploaded. When linking, therefore, uses the original link. I ask for understanding and respect.

DOWNLOAD HeapTipTrigger.zip – 3.3 MB

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