Big Hills Train Edition

Version 2
Fixed SugarCane now works fine

Version 2
Platinum Edition Ready

Big Hills Map v1.2

Rebuild the Saegewerk more fences
Added a Fabrik for EmptyPallet in the Saegewerk space
Change the capacity of wagons 200000 capacity now
Added a point sell for Emptypallet at the FreightYard
EmptyPallets 1.422€
Boardwood 948€
Rebuild the Farm and added a new Trigger for Seeds and Fertilizer
RailRoad have more Trees and Pin more fun
Added Stones from Ls17 and a Castle from Ls11
Futtermischer and Silage Silo added
Change the TrainStation at the Spinnery
Rebuild the Bakery more fences

Model: Giants Texture: Script: Marhu Idea / Concept: TheSnake Testing: Other: Thanks for all modders for the objects in the map

DOWNLOAD Big_Hills_Map.zip – 722.2 MB

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