New in V 3.0 USA version !- Modified outside cabin model, USA style turning signals added- Removable front mudguards (Num 8)- Removable rear mudguards (Num 9)- Side worklights install (Num 7), on/off by Num 4- Quick coupler install (Num 0)- Full dirt washable- New IC panel layout (new function add – fold warning signs)V 3.0 European version !Authors: Sotillo, Bjohn14, VMV Modding, mati7766, Rysiu77, roller90, Jdfan,Model edit by BcbuhlerEdit: Ghost- Animated front suspension- Animated front wiper (working automaticly at rain)- Animated steering and joystick- Animated rear hydraulic- Panel IC – Raised bonnet, folding front linkage, opening doors and rear window, folding steering column, Greenstar monitor- Buyable twin wheels (have collision and tyre tracks)- Weights to the rear wheels (In front weight version first press Alt + Z to choose weight position)- Switchable front weight (Z)- Fully working lights and turn signals- Speedometer and tachometer- Sound-cabin- Washable tires- Minor fixes in textures- Clean LOG- Fixed camera positions in the cabin- Improved use of mirrors- Fixed physics of driving- Tractor creates lanesThe file contains a 8530 John Deere tractor with front weight and front hydraulicThe large size of the archive is caused by a detailed model of the tractor.Tractors were tested with selected basic machines, the lack of noticeable errors. If a machine have problem please info on PM.Please leave on a free server module. Free to posting on other sites, but not paid servers.I did mod for fun, do not earn on it.

Sotillo, Bjohn14, VMV Modding, mati7766, Rysiu77, roller90, Jdfan, Bcbuhler Edit: Ghost


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