KOLOS SK-6 and SK-5 Niwa


Combines with header, the direction of travel show dust and leave traces, with more and get dirty. There are all the animation and lighting fixtures, installed two cameras realistic. On harvesters hung stacker and a little changed Kolos.

Complete with two harvesters three header. Maize ZHVN-5 for harvesting of barley, canola and wheat reaper KMS-6 and ZHKN-6 PS-4m for sunflower and corn. Hopper at the combine Spike SK-6 3 kbp., At Niva SK-5 6 KB. The crop: barley, corn, canola, wheat, sunflower.

Alexander (BAUER), Silak_68, werik, Fluffy_Tummy.
Maud combine for 15 fs did the author: kto-totutzdes.

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