Today I have a revised one here
Krampe Bandit SB30 / 60 for you.
Fits my MAN TGS.

Have been done:
Added color selection for body, rims and tarpaulin.
Own color palette as with the CargoBull & at the MAN.
(with so many colors, there should be something for everyone)
Additional tires added to your selection.
Light revised, position lights installed on all sides.
Registration number of Blacky installed
DH installed for Semitrailer.
(my kind for saddle semi-trailers, since actually the hoses come from the tractor)
The Krampe has just like the Cargo Bull
received a kingpin Attacher.
This can be adjusted with N and K or the mouse.
This prevents the tractor from digging out
In addition, 9 different decals / logos, which are positioned on the tailgate, are available for free selection in the shop
The loading volume has been increased to 74,000 liters.
I hope you like my cramp and wish you a lot of fun with it.

Original: Giants Software GmbH Publisher: WoTan Modding Edit: WoTan1501 Scripte: Ifko, Xentro, Blacky_BPG


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