MAP tested for the game Farming Simulator 2015. Russian card for farmers and loggers.
In this version a bit reduced drawing in some places, which subsequently increases the FPS. He made some visual changes and amendments. Add a point of sale Silos (at BGA is not shown). Slightly increased the capacity of shops and bakeries.
In the previous version installed on the road signs, said the return to the service station equipment. Slightly changed the mini-map and edited Cafe is no longer floating in the air, and placed on the ground. Reduce drawing objects in some places, which later increase FPS.
The year before the version made visual amendment changed the map of the PDA, as well as a fixed mesh of 3D models of animals.

The map is made on the real terrain of this corner of the earth, where I spent all my childhood. Therefore, in every blade of grass and the pit invested my love and soul. I very much hope that you immerse yourself in this rustic atmosphere, and a wonderful rest on this map

The map contains both standard culture and sunflower. But that’s not all! You are ready for sowing rye and oats! Be ready to be transported fish, flour, bread, boards and vodka! But keep in mind that the stores are not rubber! And of course do not forget about livestock! On the map there are standard types of animals.

Alexey Dorofeev

DOWNLOAD KeraiKopia.zip – 388.8 MB

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