Hello friends of the well-kept farming. After yes detractors have argued that the map only appears Christmas, I’ve made it a little earlier.
On various personal nonsensical for me stuff like some
Economic cycles and the like, I have waived again, who so
want something, it must be installed please himself or another
Card use. The map is designed, how we want to play them. By
different tastes can not be on every single request
Have respect.

Fundamental to the card:
The card was originally built by me as pure Multiplayermap for Eifok Team and designed for half the standard map. After the dissolution of Eifoks I then published as a ‘normal’ Map and subsequently extended again, so that it corresponds to the size of the standard map. As part of the conversion of my “Two Rivers” more and more inquiries were asked whether I’ll get even this Map in the LS 15th
The plan that was not, but as you can see, it is different than you think. But as already in the “Two Rivers”, this is the latest revision of the card be (troubleshooting, as there are those done of course).
General Overview
On the map you will find all types of terrain, from mountains to plains, everything is included. The place names are borrowed from the Berlin area, the map itself is built but by no real role model.
Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, turnips, oats, rye,
Sunflowers, clover, alfalfa
Farm animals: sheep, cows, chickens, pigs, cattle fattening
Fields: 44 fields, diverse grasslands
Milk transport
Slurry / manure / Kalkmod
Clover and lucerne for green manure
Potato washing system
Two usable courtyards and a contracting company
First farm in the mountains with a focus on dairy farming
Second farm in lowland areas with focus on cattle and cultivation
Gold Coins

Required Mods:
For the filling of potato cleaning plant / greenhouses with liquid:
Kotte Universal Pack
Attention! There function here is not the standard trailers for diesel and water!

If necessary:
Manure / Mistmod
Attention! There is only one, either slurry / Mistmod or Soilmod! Please remove each unused file from the modfolder!
Chopped Straw
Anyone who wants to use the map even without ChoppedStraw play slurry / manure / Kalkmod and Soilmod without restrictions, it must then only the respective mods are removed from the modfolder.
All gates open on AnimationMapTrigger with the key O. Some goals through the sales offices and the vehicle trade are Timed, the opening times you see the signs.
Almost all doors are of realism because only open to foot!
The Modpack is a manual, you can find more details about where their sales outlets, etc. Trigger reference. I ask that also uses her this.


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