The card is also Meyenburg in 2015. it and calls more than before the virtual farmer in his fields to order meaningful and productive, because the animals are hungry!

Hunger? …. Yes, we have set new here and durchgeforstet the world of peasants and even asked the Giants animal husbandry in question! Now you must drive yourself to your chosen cooperative and animals pick up and put in the barn! Since there are different animal housing, here the feeding method is important in order to ensure efficient attitude.

The better the food, the better the final product will we sell!

So watch yourself on what your feeding in the stable, and what is still needed!


“The times have become harder, despite the good yields in the fields and the good weather the last 2 years, the prices are unfortunately worse than ever for farmers in Meyenburg.

Not only that the rumor mill to take over the farm Steep by a foreign contractor’s still not stop, no, the other small farmers in Meyenburg fight with the laws of animal keeping.

Increasingly stringent regulations are forcing companies to make the economics of the Court’s own question!

What founded as a family times in the past, today is not even enough for one yourself! The farmers are angry and demand countermeasures by the Federal Government and the Government of the farm deaths in Meyenburg in Germany and mitigate!

Subsidies seem to be only for large farms and the little man remains as was to be expected on the track.

The lands are used for agricultural processing less, the fields are purchased by unknown large companies and there is no information available for those that could be.

After all, there first requests have been made for a large wind farm in Meyenburg also at City Hall. This means in turn that compensation areas for each wind turbine must be found! Where can you get without stealing?

It will work closely with free land in Meyenburg, one simply has no chance to grow! ”

This is a fictional story!


Welcome to the beautiful village Meyenburg.

It’s that time again, looking for you out of your yard, machinery & equipment from the cooperative has there and begin to cultivate your fields.

Initially, a pig and a cow shed are available. To operate these stables, you need to buy at the cooperative with the Viehanhänger the animals. Then bring it in your stall, but please only bring the food and then the animals, or they starve and your new purchase is just died. A guide is always at the corresponding stable!


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