Most trailed drill with a working width of 18 meters, while moving animation shows, dust and leaves the treated soil. Sowing crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beets. During use dirty, but you can wash it.
Seeder down, it has a capacity of 13,700 liters of bunker. That it would be advisable to carry a tractor of at least 250 hp Price in shop 129600 euros, and service after the purchase will give 60 euros per night.
Author: Bullgore.
Maud made for fs 15: xyzspain.


Light, turn signals, brake lights, working lights, Rul
Tire dust, tire tracks
animated Amaturen
animated Farmer
animated grain tank
animated pulleys, threshing, grain auger, augers, drive shafts, feeder
Swing axle
Washable (Dirty)
Trailer coupling + Attacher
Reel height adjustable
Distressed texture
and much more … ..
Cutting width: 4.50m
Grain tank volume: 6000 L
Maximum speed: 26 km / h
Threshable fruits: Standard
Changelog V1.15:
Adjusted motor data handling
Coronas exchanged
installed animated Farmer
Improved animations
Optimized textures
Fitted trailer coupling + Attacher
Amended Häckselparticlesyteme
Changed focus from SW
installed missing Rapstisch
installed missing dividers
A cutting unit carriage and grain cutter will follow!
Credits: Jekyll


Mega 186 – Dungstreuer Mc 186 dvoukotou?ovým Spreizmechanismus.
3 horizontale Fräswalzen.
Die Möglichkeit der Schließung und Dosierschieber – Guillotinen – verhindert das Auslaufen von dünnen Gülle während des Transports.


Samson PG II 20
Fassvolume : 20000L
Passende Anbaugeräte : Samson Samidisc, Vogelsang Schleppschlauche
Preis : 78.000€
Samson Samidisc 620
Abeitsbreite : 6.20m
Benötigte Leistung : 200PS
Preis : 18.000€
Vogelsang Schleppschlauchgestänge
Abeitsbreite : 15.00m
Benötigte Leistung : 180PS
Preis : 18.000€


Mit diesem Dreiseitenkipper könnt Ihr folgende Fruchtarten transportieren!
Volumen: 40000 Liter
wheat barley rape maize
!!! weitere Fruchtarten folgen in der V2 !!!


version 2.0
Washable Dynamic Plane
Fliegl DDK 240 7.80
Price: 58400
fillTypes: wheat rape maize barley chaff potato manure sugarbeet
Credits: Simsonschlosser, Dave, Markus


GTW 430 – the pioneering chaser bin sets new standards in grain logistics…
Technical data:
Capacity: 38.5 m³
Fruit Types: wheat rape maize barley.
Overloading capacity: 680 L/S.
Mause control for pipe.
Mause control for towbar position.
Washable textures.
Animated suspension system.
Tip discarge option.


Great Plains Simba SL 500
Introduction on item
Built around proven, innovative components mounted on a central chassis, Great Plains Simba SL cultivators are capable of carrying out a number of operations in a single pass. Comprising a single row of Pro-Active disc units fited with either notched or SoilRazor disc blades followed by two rows of ST tines or LD (Low Disturbance) tines, another set of discs and a rear roller, this versatile machine really gets the job done.
The design of these cultivators ensures that they can work at shallow depths with the discs and deeper depths with loosening tines as two distinct operations within the machine. This is a different concept to some other machines that operate on a twin-pass principle, where deeper working tines, for example, have to supplement the working operation of discs. This can result in a compromise where clods are boiled to the surface, reducing seedbed quality. With the SL, the key design benefit of the tine is to give a complete shatter of the soil profile at depth without bringing clods and subsoil to the surface.
Pack details
This pack is comprised of two cultivators, an older style version in orange (Simba) and the later green version (Great Plains Simba)

Main model uses diffuse and specular maps, wheels using the same along with normal maps.
Model is fully washable, though due to no normal map on main model the dirt texture is slightly flatter than default models.
Full lighting using model parts as decals along with coronas.
A full particle system has been added which includes animation, dust and mud.
The model has been completely re in gamed based loosely on the default Vogel cultivator.
Cost of unit is 66280 and daily up keep is 15, the required power needed for this tool is anything from 250 horse power.


Description: John Deere 864 – Mod: Lavable, compteur à balles, choix de la taille de la balle, animations, particules de poussières, dépliable par l’extérieur,


JCB 536.70 Agri (Loadall)
Introduction on item
The JCB 536-70 Agri is a hugely efficient EcoMAX-powered telescopic handler. It sits on a Loadall chassis that’s designed for load-bearing and stability.
The side-mounted JCB engine combines with JCB axles and transmission to ensure a reliable drive train performance from well-proven components.
For added versatility, high utilisation and extra investment value, we offer a large attachments range.
There’s also instant steering selection between three modes for easy operation, single-lever servo controls, a tight turn radius and great manoeuvrability.
Pack details
This mod contains one telescopic handler, this mod was originally a New Holland LM742 which I have completely over hauled the texture to make it what it is now. Personally I am not normally someone who agrees on skin converts but every now and then it can work especially if you go into quite a bit of detail.

Model uses all default high quality textures including normal maps and specular maps.
Model is fully washable.
Slightly tuned the lighting and have added full inside lighting.
Trailer low added for wider usage across trailer support.
Drive mode script has been added for versatility and improved driving experience at higher speed.
Cost of unit is 58300 and daily up keep is 58, the maximum power of this vehicle is rated at 145bhp .


Animations, Lavable, sons, ouverture capot, chargement manuel des rouleaux d’emballage, …

Crédits: Jackaroo, rafftnix, BlackJack, fendt2000, fireandice, Mofi


bm-modding rafftnix, BlackJack, Jackaroo, fendt2000




Claas Lexion 780:
– Get dirty
– It is washable
– Full animation (joystick, all actuators, ladder, chaff)
– Animation seat and the panel move on holes
– Manual unloading of grain
– Full lighting
– Capacity grain tank 12500l
– Fuel tank capacity 945l
– Speedometer (analog and digital)
– Fuel gauge
– Grain tank full indicator
– Hour meter
– GreenStar function (navigation in mowing)
– Rear axle moves
– The sound information and roosters are switched on at 80%
– Headers adapt to the terrain
– Script Passenger
The package is a harvester Claas Lexion 780TT, Claas vario 900, 1050, 1200, and claas Conspeed 12 75FC and Trailers for cutter
Model – sfm-modding
Conversion to LS15 – SIID, Lookee86
Amendments concerning the physics of driving a combine – Pawulon
Repairs to a foul the headers – vnsfdg2
FillVolume – vnsfdg2


Mafia FS Modding LS 2009 by Knagsted & Jukka


-ploughing spec
-hydraulic animations
-indoor ound
-particle system
-wheel particle spec
-speed display control
-manual ignition
-ES limiter
-rpm display control
-extra weights
-power shaft attacher
-farmer arm
-realistic indoor cam
Sotillo Modding Industries and Fabyte
edit Serega Zheltok


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