Multi Overlay Hud v 2.1




Version 2.1
– Various bug fix – language polnish added – vsHud Settings and some features enabled – VI field detection optimized -MapBuyableObject support added (Page 2, switch 3) + Hotspot Buy option -modType = “other” (classified-all mixing station, FermentingSilo, MixFeeder) – optional factoryName- -optional loadsave Game Settings (Client Settings / objectSettings.xml) -1000L —-> 1,000 l -optional can only load the objects are stored in the slot objectSettings.xml fieldInfo unlocked (simple) -Train stations Optionally with Showing werden.Die prices are taken into account – Price increases are also displayed (Page 1, bestPrice Slot) – optional fields can be bought over the field price Slots – modType = “animals” (classified) are set individually now (max 5 per animal) – fix warnings in bestPrice after the time Error: Running LUA method ‘mouseEvent’. C: / Users / Ollwaine / Documents / My Games / FarmingSimulator2015 / mods // MultiOverlayV2 / scripts / mouseKeyEvents / moSetGetKeyMouseEvent.lua: 31: bad argument # 1 to ‘getn’ (table expected, got nil) -fix upon activation of the keyswitch function without having previously a slot in miniPda was set there is an error message -fix Marhu script animals are not displayed if they have been disabled on the Map Shop -fix sheep wool FillLevel (Multiplayer) update all 15 minutes (Gigant) – fix PalSammler (Multiplayer) update all 15 minutes (Marhu MP) -fix permanently update / IntervalUpdate Slot field price lua error



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