Since it is now before the holidays a quieter in the workshop, I have once again set on a project.

I noticed that I had in the T8 tuning a few files in it that were not purely heard — were removed
The front loader can now use front loaders, wheel loaders, telescopic loaders, skidder attachments
On the shovel, the AttacherJoint was slightly modified

I had a T8 with engine damage. The driver has switched to the rear with 60t in the group and the engine turns so the pistons saw the light of the world. The T8 stood next to a Case IH Quadtrac 620 on which, in a storm, a large maple tree has fallen. Economic total damage as frame warped but the engine was still top.
Now it was the engine conversion. This made itself easier than thought and after 3 days the 620 engine could be started in the T8 the first time.
This T8 is available with standard 435PS engine, Stage1 was changed the software of the 435Ps engine so that now 481PS apply. At Stage2, the usual gadgets were again used such as larger loader, Ladeluftk├╝hler, exhaust system etc. The result were then 546PS. The engine from the Quadtrc has 692HP.
Various wheel configurations were again added.

Version 1.1
New Holland T8 color selection
New Holland T8 front loader option
Stoll New Holland T8 Edition front loader (it fits all normal front loader attachments)
Magsi New Holland T8 Edition Shovel 7500l



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