NEW – Mountain tunnel of 231 m length with traffic-access scheme as short and fast connection between the cattle / pig farms and the organic feed factory.
NEW – Fermenting Silo southeast created for the rapid production of silage next to the 38th
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 installed in place of the old CompostMaster.
NEW – CompostFillingPlant installed for filling compost in wooden boxes.
NEW – range header for the compost wooden boxes installed.
NEW – Barriers at CompostMaster2k16 and pallet collectors installed.
NEW -. Conveyor belt including tarpaulin for filling compost on CompostMaster2k16 installed.
NEW – New and darker Fillplane for compost incorporated.
* Bugfixes: Prices for liquid manure, dung, grass and straw decreased with time to EUR 0, this has now been fixed.
* Bugfixes: Once again fixed a slightly floating tree at the horse breeding.
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 = Diesel consumption was updated to the version of CompostMaster2k16 v1.1.
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 = dual display – In addition to the external display, the data are now available at the switchboard cabinet shown (for new display created, similar to the SeedMaster).
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 = conveyor expanded (Fix) and it installed a new bottling plant. The removal of the bucket of compost option was retained.
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 = drain grating inserted in the compost bin.
NEW – time interval of all objects passing over the FarbiktScript, reduced to one minute.
* Bugfixes: Missing icons when displaying the CompostFillingPlant fixed.
* Bugifixes: CompostMaster2k16 = Supernatant ComnpostMaster logo fixed on the back.
NEW – Damage Andre Pairs installed.
NEW – Hard Point Extension installed.
NEW – cattle watering with hose connection and sparging installed.
NEW – Large workshop for Damage & Repair and HardPonitExtention installed at car dealers.

Mapumbau und teilweißer Skriptanpassung: Pandahma Schweinemast: Marhu, Mannie313 WoolPaletteCollector: Marhu SeedMaster2k16: Marhu, Framer_Andy (Andy1978), Weisser Seed2Fix: Marhu, Weisser WaterMod: Marhu Gülle-Mist-Kalk-Mod: TMT, Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan Gülle-Lager: Framer_Andy (Andy1978) CompostMaster2k16: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu) CompostFillingPlant: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu) Förderband Holzschnitzel: Mariodiek Förderbänder: Leos50 Bodentextur: ZeFir_POLAND Ballenlager: Shakari Saatgutlager: mkausen Multifruid: upsidedown Gründünger-Mod: upsidedown Klee Luzerne: bgo1973 ChoppedStraw: webalizer Kalk-Silo: RC-Devil DisplayOverview: Blacky_BPG, Happ

DOWNLOAD Norgeholm_2016_v.1.7_MH_Entpacken.7z – 796.7 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Bashkim says:

    Seems spectacular map , but does it run well on medium graphics , because the last time I tried to install this mod , the fences wouldn’t open , can anyone tell me if it was because of the graphics or is it the map.

  2. Gerd Eichwede says:

    kann man diese Map auch reine ZIP-Datei erhalten?
    Ich habe beim umwandeln (7-zip in zip) Probleme.
    Die Map startet nicht.

    Danke im voraus

  3. Jopke says:

    Got a lot of problems with saving the game with this mod. It sure is spectacular but saving is a b*tch!

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