With the Mod oil change + oil pallets, the vehicles are equipped with engine oil, which of course also wears and then must be changed.
Therefore, 3 pallets of engine oil are included so you can do something good to the engines of the vehicles and just need to change the oil.
Each vehicle has a different oil supply and also a different duration of oil change to oil change.
In order to align this with vehicles relatively close to the real model, I had to do some calculations and research and ultimately I have to take as the best solution for the calculation of the oil reservoir, the engine power as a basis. This is tested with many original machines from the LS17.
In addition, there are other related support features, such as InDoor HUD displays and a scaled oil change interval setting if Xentro’s GameExtensions are installed. However, the latter is always active on the Dedicated Server and can not be switched off by users or admins. This is what I did for the reason that playing on a Dedicated Server is mainly true players and the time scaling is mostly turned down anyway so this plays less of a role here.
Oh yes, the operating hours are always scaled depending on the set time acceleration.
Many know the Ölwechselmod still from the 13th, there he was from Joxxer but yes, unfortunately, is no longer active, at least neither Marc nor I could track him down.
That’s why I sat down and made the whole thing ready for LS17 while still expanding and refining it.

Black Panther Group

DOWNLOAD FS17_oilUsage.zip – 2.9 MB

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