… Had so looked forward to this addon “Free DLC -Klassiker agriculture” for LW15,

but unfortunately was my favorite TRAILER, not szmutzig?

so I had to myself dranmachen– and smear him senseless with mud!

(In the VILLAGE to see calm as I schinder)

… The old 13er tires were already so edgy from the long standing around in the barn,

I had 4 new equips it from India.

(The spare tire is only dummy) ^^

… And because I also have something in the cross, I gave him a small ladder yet been mounted.

(Honestly, depends now so high that I as no longer ran-come)

the olle TRAILER is now already so ancient that the bunk goes apart laterally,

but now you get a bit more loaded, shovels exactly 3! – good or ? 😉

(Of 4500 Li. Li on 5580. Increases)

DOWNLOAD trailer_baloo.zip – 3.9 MB

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