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Holmgard Map V 1.1

Description: – Completely new yard – Pasture and barn on the farm – Food storage on the farm – Old cow pasture is now intended for forestry equipment and a tree trunk stock –...


Kuhn SPV Confort14 V 1.0.0

Description: Capacity: 12000 to 22000 L ability to pull Forage Warning: Dont mixup Forage and MixRation togather (Both have different Characteristics) Credits: GIANTS Software GmbH Converted by Sk_Jatala DOWNLOAD


DtP Map V 1.1

Description: Version 1.1 Adapted cow pasture Fertilizer warehouse was adapted Symbols of the cow. Sheep pasture were adjusted (PDA) Open Door Trigger was installed, all doors can now press the O key (not null)...