Update v5.2.2 Bug Fix / Change Log

Many textures, objects and buildings bought and Modified

Chopped Straw has been installed, the chopped straw is visible on the Map

The Soil Mod Version 2.0 was installed, please read the description!

A broiler chicken egg-laying station has been established on the farm for the production of broiler eggs

For the soup production at Erasco the broilers should be delivered, the soup tastes better then

The ExtraModPack was a stakes semitrailers added, the tree can load timber, boards, broilers, eggs pallets etc.

The blue Schubbodenauflieger has been updated, it can load the garbage from collection

The Kotte Garant tank trailer has also been updated, it loads the sludge in waterworks

The Zunhammer Water Trailer is now equipped with a filling hose Animation

The sugar factory relocated to the industrial area of ​​Unna, (opposite Erasco soups)

The waterworks in Unna, (formerly sugar factory), now produces sludge

A landfill has opened its doors in Unna, near Brewery

New products, sludge, cake, frosting, household waste, broiler eggs’ registers

The bakery now bakes cakes also, the production base is located in the backyard

Two waste collection centers have been spotted in Unna, in the center and in the industrial area

Fruits, products and prices optimized PDA and corrected

Trailers and semitrailers in ModPack be (somewhat later edited), but can be used for new products

The V5.2 manual to changes in the economic system (also a little later) supplemented and corrected

The ExtraModPack Version 5.2 to the Unna2015 Map plus manual etc. can be found here:

ExtraModPack Unna2015 Version 5.2

Note to ExtraModPack Version 5.2:
Been the mods which are located in ExtraModPack exclusively for the project “Map Version 5.2.2 unna2015” chosen. If there are still other mods are folders in your mods, we do not assume responsibility for ensuring that this map no longer functioning properly. In addition, it would be advisable that there is only one map in the mods folder.


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3 Responses

  1. Glenn says:

    Link not working: ExtraModPack Unna2015 Version 5.2
    Looking forward to playing this ver…

  2. Peter says:

    Each gamestart growth is automatic set to off,sunflower can not be harvested because the growth proces skips one stage and goes to wither,its also not possible to turn off wither

  3. Michi says:

    kein verkehr in spiel?????

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