Schmitz Cargo Bull by WoTan DH

Version 1.0.1
– Small changes in the XML
– The pallets loaded with UAL are now visible in the SKO.

Model: hoschi97
Animations: Hoffi, WoTan1501
Tester: honor-53, Max, WoTan1501
Scripts: Ifko, Hoffi, Xentro, Blacky_BPG

Today I have for you, the revised Schmitz Cargo Bull Pack, the release of Hoffi is available.

Have been done:
– Revised overall graphic
– Created own color palette
– (the colors were created by my girls)
– many new parts installed
– Lift axle has been removed
– the entire substructure has been renewed
– Registration number of Blacky installed
– DH installed (my kind for saddle semi-trailer, since actually the hoses come from the tractor)

To the functions:
– At the SCS you can open the tarp left and right in front of the front wall with Key 8, quite in the middle of the trailer with Key 8 remove the bow.
– At the rear, the ADR marking can be attached and removed with R.
– Coolers and tarpaulins have UAL.
– With the SKO, the cooling unit can be activated with Key7.
– Open and close rear doors with x.
– Open and close the SFS tarpaulin with N.
– All 3 trailers have an adjustable king pin, which can be adjusted with N and K or the mouse. This prevents lifting the tractor.

I hope you like the pack, I wish you a lot of fun with it, a matching MAN of mine was also published.
Thanks again to Hoffi for the release.

Modell: hoschi97
Textur: WoTan1501
Script: Ifko, Hoffi, Xentro, Blacky_BPG
Idee / Konzept: hoschi97, Hoffi, WoTan1501
Tester: ehre-53, Max, WoTan1501


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