Real model: Schmitz Cargobull S.KO Cool / SCS
Type: trailer
Special Feature: Cooling Unit / Tarpaulin bows
Charge acceptance: rear doors / manual on Pages
BigBags: lime, wheat, barley, canola, corn, wood chips
Wooden boxes: potatoes, sugar beets
IPC: milk, Wassser, Fl.Dünger, spring water / well water
Bags on Euro pallets: seed, seeds2 (dressed seed)
Fruit boxes: apple, cherry, pear, plum, cucumber,
Tomato, peppers, chili, orange, strawberry, kohlrabi, onion / onion,
Carrot / carrots, peach, grape, olive, lettuce / salad
Beer crates on Euro pallets: beer, wheat beer
Cartons on EURO pallet: Sugar
Trolley: butter, buttermilk, cheese
grundsetzlich brought to LS15 levels (light, shaders, textures, ….)
Cargoes written manually (loaded / unloaded + Animation)
Bungees dazzle nearing 100%, a level
Überladevorgäng for fertilizer / seed for filling attachments
Draining / tilting of charge
new design
To possibly things to load cargo space accessible manually
Object- / Baleattacher
Sidewalls (Plan) can be pushed from the outside
Bows can be externally Dismount (incl. Collision)
Leave back doors open / close incl. Animation of the handles
animated support legs incl. Animation of Crank
animated Airconditioning
expandable Labelling ADR
Steering axle and lifting axle
Activating / extendable ramp at the stern
Joystick to left back moves at Lifftachse and stern ramp
Dirt / washable (the model accordingly)
Triggers are characterized by “T” on a yellow background
How can I open the rear doors?
Please / image to trigger note section.
How can I open it ever side curtain / boards?
Please / image to trigger note section.
Why do not I see the tension belts?
The lashing straps dazzle first nearing 100% a filling volume.
I have boxes loaded and still can upload contents as wheat.
Correct. It can not prevent that you load something manually and also filled the trailer.
The lifting axle will not be lifted.
If the trailer is filled, the weight pushes down naturally. The lifting axle then lifts not far enough.
This behavior is intentional, as it should be driven at full load anyway with all axes.
If you are driving along the rear ramp, the vehicle sliding down it.
Collision to collision. Unfortunately, this is an LS-problem.
With calm and soulful driving, klappts mostly.
My boxes / pallets / … do not hold.
Unfortunately, the built Attacher can not abedecken the complete range of objects.
But most should be recorded.
Error “has invalid fillType XXXX”.
Are the fruits listed on the map does not exist, does this message.
The game is not affected.
Why the mod does not appear in the shop?
modDesc version is 23 and therefore the patch should be 1.3 Requirements
Semitrailer: hoschi97
Items: Siwus (BigBags), GIANTS (potatobox, seedpallet, IPC, Sugar pallet), Repi (wheels), hoschi97 (roll container)
Scripts: Sven777b, Outlaw, Marhu, igor29381, Saty, Geri-G / Bayn
Textures / conversion / ingame / Features: hoffi
Test team: Chaos Elite Modding
A special thanks to all who stood with suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism.
Please keep in mind that a simple “does not work” does not help me.
A meaningful description that was how, where and when made, was supposed to be the basis,
so that I can effectively help.
Anyone have the log.txt are to hats made just right.


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