Schweizweit Map V 1.0

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In Switzerland, there are 10 yards wide. There are cattle farms, there is also farms with cattle and chickens, or even a yard with chicken farming. Mixing stations are spread all over the map, each of the sales offices, there are 2 mixing stations. On some farms, these are housed in an old barn.
The Hauphof (Solothurn) is the central courtyard with the cows and a chicken farm. Drescher, sowing machine, tractor and trailer have been distributed to all the courts.

Important Mod:
– (for grain silos, manure storage)
Recommended Mods:
– Straw Placeable []
– To be able to sit down on every farm beets I recommend to you the beet storage of the Meyenburg is also floating.
– Slurry manure Mod

Diese Map darf nicht verändert oder neu hochgeladen werden. Geschweige Objekte aus der Map verwenden.


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