SEASONS V1.1.0.0

Winter is coming… and spring, summer and autumn too.
The Seasons mod changes the fundamental way to play Farming Simulator by introducing seasons and changing all aspects of the gameplay, such as weather, growth, economy, vehicle maintenance and husbandry to suit.

Experience the trials and tribulations of a real life farmer worrying if you will get all your crops planted on time before it gets too cold, or too dry, for them to germinate and whether you will complete the harvest before the rainy days of autumn when crops will be wet.

Beautiful visuals to suit the seasons, such as the birth of life in spring, the richness of colour of autumn and bare trees on a bleak winter’s day when you are clearing the snow, or doing forestry, will help to fully immerse you in this new environment.

We strongly recommend that you start your Seasons experience on a brand new save game. Please note that this released version of the mod is not compatible with any previous incomplete versions. Delete the incomplete version of the mod, install this release version and start a new save game.

Alt + S : Seasons menu (growth overview and settings)
Alt + F : Show / Hide weather forecast
Alt + R : Maintain vehicle (must be done when vehicle is parked by a workshop and is only possible when maintenance is necessary)
Alt + N : Skip night (only available once it gets dark, before midnight)

Version 1.1.0
This version is 100% compatible with save games created with Mod Contest version of Seasons.

New features
Added debug console commands for vehicle repair and fruit growth manipulation
Added longer seasons (up to 24 days per season)
Added new system for script-less GEO mods
Added texture replacement for shapes with multiple materials
Grass rots in tippers, just like grass bales
New visual seasons algorithm depending on weather and latitude
Straw and hay now rots in tippers, just like bales (during rain)
Improvements / Changes
Added adjusted and better textures by KimG and BulletBill
Adjusted distance limits for tree growth
Adjusted normalization of bale rotting
Adjusted pigs to give birth both in autumn and in spring (used to be only in spring)
General code improvements
Improved growth for winter crops (limited to stage 2 in autumn mostly for visual purposes)
Reduced time for free demo of vehicles to 30 min (only works for base configuration vehicles & equipment)
Repairs are required at least once a year, instead of twice.
German translation had an error regarding germination temperatures
Germination didn’t work properly after fast forwarding through multiple transitions
Grass sometimes did not regrow in spring after the first year
Grass was wrongly removed around the edge of a field when using a cultivator
Hail never showed in multiplayer for already joined players
Hay bales did not rot
Low HP machines with high maintenance had insane repair costs
Snow tracks couldn’t be disabled
Snow was not removed under vehicles, bales and pallets
Snowmask not properly generated for placeables after load of savegame
Train storage silo fees were not adjusted
Upkeep of animals was not adjusted and normalized per year
Weather was unnecessarily reset when changing settings

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