THIS MAP IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!!! It includes the manufacturing and processing of illegal drugs such as cocaine and opium.
Busy 1x map.
New crops and fill types- coca plant, cocaine, opium, prawns, bundles.
Standard crops plus sunflower, poppy and marijuana.
SOILMOD READY- put it in the mods folder if you want it. Leave it out if you don’t.
Map has sand, gravel, beer, fish, cement, concrete, oil, crude, pigs, young pigs, beef, young beef, placeable sawmill for board sales in two places on the map.
Driveable fishboat and prawnboat.
Driveable train for hauling logs and crops etc.
Challenging terrain with mud.
22 unplowed fields
Large forestry sector.
BP fuel plant for making fuel and oil.
Pioneer seed and fertilizer plant.
2 BGA’S 1 Mulch (woodchips) The other is standard.
2 concrete sales points
1 cement ‘sell over time’ sales point (Spar market)
This map is about mods.If you have your own mods that you want to use. Then go for it. I have kept the scripting to a minimum to reduce conflicts. I have supplied a ton of my favorite mods. Most are error and warning free.
There are alot of placeables I made for the map. The models are other people’s work. I just made them placeable for this map.
Map is error free. I have been running with about 150 error free mods in my folder without any problems. Just unzip the rar. file, then unzip the zip inside, put all the mods in and start the game. You will see which ones are your default vehicles. Most of them are in the Alali pack but not all of them.



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2 Responses

  1. Skreek says:

    This map sure gets around. Here’s a better version.

  2. james says:

    there is a error with the harvester it wont let me harvest the coca plant

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