Version Steyr Plus 760 V2
– Used look revised
– Drukluftanlage expanded
– revised FL console by kreters-island installed (suitable for its Stoll front loader)

Version Steyr 8090 SK1 V2
– original FL console added (matching front loader will be supplied later as soon as finished converting)
– Roof without Dachscheinis installed (including roof hatch)
– 8080 SK1 + 30kmh gearbox added
– Configured configurations slightly

We chose the following Steyr models, some of them have an original sound recording (Plus 760, 8080 SK2, 8090 SK1, 8100 SK1, 8130 SK2).
The tractors have slightly fewer wheel configurations than the previous versions.
The following sound recordings are from:
Colleagues steyrmodder: Plus 760, 8090 SK1, 8130 SK2 (115 hp version), from colleague John: 8130 SK2 (140 hp), 8100Chrisi: (8100 SK1), Agricultural professional – Agriculture (8080 SK2)

Modell: Plus 760: (Urmodell: DeutzAgroxtra (Plus 545 aus LS13), Umbau: STEYR Modding Team) 8080 SK2, 8090 SK1 8100 SK1, 8130 SK2: Ur/basismodell: MB 3D Modelling (8080a Turbo SK1 aus LS13), Umbau: STEYR Modding Team, Auspuff Modell gecknicktes Rohr: rs123456, Siloking Terminal: forbidden-mods/Bremi456 Textur: MB 3D Modelling, STEYR Modding Team, Siloking Terminal: forbidden-mods/Bremi456 Script: Giants Software, Fruktor, Rival Modding (RivalBomb), Manuel Leitner, PeterJ – euroDZN, Sven777b, Modelleicher, Alex2009, BM-Modding (Dynamic Hose Skript) Idee / Konzept: STEYR Modding Team Tester: STEYR Modding Team Sonstige: Sounds: STEYR Modding Team, Agrarprofi – Agriculture, Steyr8100Chrisi FL-Konsole bei Plus 760 V2: Urmodell; kreters-island, Umbau; STEYR Modding Team Schneeketten: CebuljCek Modding


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