Storage for Wood Chips



This building is to be imported and used as a map object with the Giants Editor. It was created with GE v6.0.3 and it’s use with earlier versions of GE is unknown.
It is not a placeable item and, as such, will not appear in the ingame shop menu for you to purchase.

Depending on the terrain of your map, some small tweaks of the heap’s moveMinMaxY variable may be required.

It has a max. storage of 80,000 litres but this can be changed if required.

Some editing of the .i3d file could result in smaller files if you know where to find the map’s woodChip images. I have included these files so that the storage facility works as-is but this might mean these files appear in your map folder more than once.

Construction: Daft_Bugger
Walls and girders: Unknown
Dutch barn: Unknown
grainPlane and triggers:1984Fendt936
fillPlane images: Giants


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