Dear LS fans,
the new v1.4 is finally here, with many improvements, bug fixes, updates, etc.!
Welcome to the Southern Harz Nature Park and in the single European green Südharzer Karst landscape in the north of Thuringia!
The map stretches from the outskirts of Nordhausen in the west to the border of Saxony-Anhalt in the east, ca.10x4km area!
In a 40 minute video, backed by appropriate music, I want to introduce the map to get a first impression, it looks to you at times!
Have fun!
Changes in v1.4:
-Obstbaumernte (Apples, cherries, plums)
-new bushes
Woods are improved (more details)
-Goldmünzen Appeared repeatedly, fixed (only with new savegame)
File less than 50MB
Fixed -many minor improvements and bug
-19,000 Precipitable Trees, large forest areas with improved forest roads
-Obsternte (Apples, cherries, plums)
-Kuhweide (Behind the Iberg Dam)
-Rindermast (At Herrmannsacker)
-Schweinemast (In Steigerthal)
-Viehmarkt (Petersdorf) for fetching young animals for fattening
-81 fields
-a total of 6 villages, topsy 1 new village (Steigerthal) and the surrounding area with new fields (v1)
-Herrmannsacker Completely redone (v1)
-gehäckseltes straw
-Gülle Dung Mod
-bewegende fish / ducks / aircraft
-2 Sawmills can sell (direct sales in Steigerthal in Petersdorf you get boards which are in the building next to the land trade Petersdorf
-Transport And parked cars
Coins collect (often lie at places you should definitely visit times, but also in the village)
-milk Must be sold with a milk trailer / milk transports himself (from the cow pasture to Rodishain)
-gekaufte vehicles / equipment will be delivered to the yard
-all fields are purchasable, prices for were weighted by several factors, closer learn the readme, also located file with field rates at
-feinere texture angle, but still so that you can align the helper
-befahrbarer cowshed, cows also run in the cowshed
-Eiersuche In nests in the henhouse
Vehicles can also sell on junkyard
-many different animal sounds
-oberirdische power lines
-Infotafeln, Partly with original pictures
Bearings for root crops potato / beet (in Petersdorf)
-Hackschnitzellager (At Herrmannsacker)
Bearings for Grass / Straw / mixed ration
-realistic income / grain prices / field costs
-and much much more …

Klee (green manure plant)
Alfalfa (green manure plant)

Credits (new in LS15): Windrow Textures: model farm forestry objects: bubu6008 field Purchase Shield: Fendtfan1 slurry / manure textures: Gene Borg manure Dung Mod: TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan) Houses (from LS11): TracMax dunghill: Fendtfan1 housePack_CebuljCek : CebuljCek job board: blubber73 Forgotten Plants: Eribus house v2 (dom2): adam5525 old_house: Creative Modding building Set & Tudor style house: would like bauer new fruits (additionalFruitTypes): Jacob carpenter clover / alfalfa texture: Gene Borg manger (Waldtiere v2): hazel horst Hall ( entrance Petersdorf): sandbox Foliage layer: El Cid butchery: Pandahma MilkTruckTrigger: Marhu firefighters: like to farmer Wassermod: Marhu pigs, cattle fattening, cattle market: Marhu fish: KlasuL-FIN Multifruid: upsidedown trough: Freak36558 double silos tarpaulin silo OTT: Old Tractor team – OTT Pack Houses: PDGoldFox sawmill: Marhu field sales signs Fendtfan1 chips stock: Fendtfan1 building / House Pack: Ziberg shelter: power74de bus stop: vanillaice83 machines: LsPrO / TheCoCe Church (Stempeda): would like bauer Wiata: xJeReMyx CONTAINER POUBELLE: zorlac Apfelmod: mor2000 fruit and berries: Rosenthaler_ROS Thanks to all for the great mods !!! If I have forgotten anyone, please contact me Report (PN) then I Wear to want to apologize for that was really no intention!

DOWNLOAD Suedharz_Map_v1.zip – 331.6 MB

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  1. Sheldon says:

    can not you read? In my map Südharz 1.4 only this link can be offered: http://ul.to/bopniyyw
    No other link is not allowed!

    Either they change the link in this http://ul.to/bopniyyw, or take the map out completely.
    If they do not respond immediately, I will forward it to my lawyer!

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