Tractor T-150-K-09
Implemented by 13 Version Pharming, left scripts, retained functionality. There are two types of suspension, in addition to the key L, hinge for trailer CHANGES adjustable mn works switchboard, all sensors correspond to the real. Physics thus cleaned already in ideal-fold engine on the K-key lighting equipment is working, the rest you have to find out for yourself
The authors of 13
Edit 2013: Silak_68 [Dimaks]

Tractor is also 13 version. In the same functionality matched with the tractor T-150K-09, Physics and instruments-everything weighed see two types, the rest.
The authors of the version 13: LSSA Modding Team, ANUBIS95, Maxim [Dimaks]

Tractor T-150K “gene”
As a basis took the tractor of Paka BT. Revamped physics, all matched, was a bit rewritten a sample plows now hack to normal height. All devices and sensors in accordance with the technical data show. ?????? opens on the button Num7 Num9-fold engine


DOWNLOAD T150K.rar – 62.4 MB

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