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MTZ 1221 PACK V2.1

Description: This tractor has an animation of the dashboard, control levers, interactive control with the mouse (sunroof, doors, hood, windows and curtains), lights, dust and tracks from the wheels, gets dirty and washed. Two...


MTZ 1220.3 V2.1.0

Description: Mod adds the tractor MTZ 1220.3 v2.1 for the Farming Simulator 2017. You can put the front loader. Power: 122 hp Speed: 40 km / h. Cost: 34000 Changes: – Added interactive. –...


MTZ 1025 V2.0.0.0

Description: Tractor BELARUS 1025 with fasteners for the loader. Excellent physics. It gets dirty. Illumination of the instrument panel. Indicators of turns in the cabin. The speed is 43-53 km / h. Rotary and...