– 23 fields and 9 bowls
– 99% of the gates and barriers are animated, within walking distance!
– ChoppedStraw
– Installation of GasStationExtended, therefore the filling station must first be filled!
– Ready for FS17_adBlueUsage
– FS17_RM_Seasons ready
– Agricultural services, cows, pigs and BGA
– Grain can be stored in all 3 farms
– Storage of seed and fertilizer
– direct purchase of seeds and fertilizers at Raiffeisen HaGe
– Direct purchase of fertilizers at a sugar factory
– Soy milk
– wastewater treatment plant
– multiple ground angles
– ExtendedPlaceable: Expands location on objects. Through this script, you can turn off this collision and place it anywhere. (assignment of the key is in the information field)
To use Palletsfabrik, you need a straw recovery addon. Whoever does not own can use space to place objects.
– FIX installer for milk startup, which should be placed in the mod folder!
– seedMaster2k17 FIX installed, based should not be in folder mod!
– installation of GrainMaster FIX, the placement should not be in the mod folder!
– the compostMaster2k17 FIX compiler installed, the placement should not be in the mod folder!
– installed pigFoodStar FIX, placement should not be in the mod folder!
– The factory script saw 2.1.4 installed, should be placed in a mod folder!


DOWNLOAD FS17_Talbach.zip – 892.6 MB

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