Version 2.0
Change list V2.0 !! New gameplay absolutely necessary!
-Tanneberg slightly enlarged
-New improved PDA-MiniMap
-Sojamilch-Production -> Milk Sales Agrarvis
Biodiesel production + storage at the farm (input: rape and sunflower, fuel for the factories)
-Weinberg and winery fixed installed — sale net-by registration of the fruits stands with the net wheat, sunbushes … please
The description of Susi25.
Seed, Liquid Fertilizer and Fertilizer Production – Sale Gartencenter / GetreideAG-Cargo
-In all factories with liquidTrigger the OverloadPipe blocked (KotteUniversal of the Andy)
-Getreide AG (sales point) + large warehouse for “loose material”
-a further area for placeable objects
A further field (field 15)
-a further cradle
-TorTrigger changed at some gates (1 click open / close)
-Water texture changed, thanks to WEE5T for the help
Seed Trigger Installed (Agrarvia, Baywa)
-TipColi at various buildings, not at all !!
-Ablade courtyard changed (in the hall)
-blade pigs changed (FarmSiloSystem)
-Regale installed for attachments (yard, BGA, sawmill …)
-Bretterverkauf gefixt, an additional built-in at the BayWa but there is less money, as closer to it
-div. Flight pans and small details
– Railroad tracks animated
-Config workshop added to the farm
Ball Bearings on CompostMaster
– some animated gates exchanged / installed
Pallet collectors
-Compost consumption, weight-reduced
-MultiplayerWarnings should be gone
– Smaller conversions at factories (PlayerTrigger increases, etc. – Sawmill now also needs Diesel / Biodiesel)
Thanks to you for the good reviews and comments, but now I say goodbye to the “summer break”!


DOWNLOAD Tanneberg.zip – 689.6 MB

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